Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taylor vs Kanye


I bet most of u ppl already know about this controversial shit thingy.About what kanye did to taylor.
I would like to say FUCK U Kanye!
What were u tinking?!
For God's sake ur just killing ur career.You dip shit!HAHA
Man, i loved ur songs, but with that attitude ur not going anywhere.
And u even blamed ur lack of time to relax or go to holidays?HAHA.Ure so full of shit.
She's so innocent and down to earth.
I dont give a shit bout Taylor either,but hell, ull pay dearly for ur actions.
Believe me,u'll go down in a blink of an eye.
The best thing you should do know is go live,apologize to Taylor,go get a rifle,shoot urself in the head.
HAHA!Fuck,im so bored.Oh n fuck pakguard Uitm Perak.
Kalau para pakguard ada blog,ni cik nak habaq skit naa.x kan nak pegi dewan makan pakai kain pelikat pon x boleh?Nak haram sungguh la ampa sumaa nih.Haram jadah.

Ok,will be goin to dewan makan dgn kain pelikat.HAHA.
Im outta ere.Poof!

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