Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taylor vs Kanye


I bet most of u ppl already know about this controversial shit thingy.About what kanye did to taylor.
I would like to say FUCK U Kanye!
What were u tinking?!
For God's sake ur just killing ur career.You dip shit!HAHA
Man, i loved ur songs, but with that attitude ur not going anywhere.
And u even blamed ur lack of time to relax or go to holidays?HAHA.Ure so full of shit.
She's so innocent and down to earth.
I dont give a shit bout Taylor either,but hell, ull pay dearly for ur actions.
Believe me,u'll go down in a blink of an eye.
The best thing you should do know is go live,apologize to Taylor,go get a rifle,shoot urself in the head.
HAHA!Fuck,im so bored.Oh n fuck pakguard Uitm Perak.
Kalau para pakguard ada blog,ni cik nak habaq skit naa.x kan nak pegi dewan makan pakai kain pelikat pon x boleh?Nak haram sungguh la ampa sumaa nih.Haram jadah.

Ok,will be goin to dewan makan dgn kain pelikat.HAHA.
Im outta ere.Poof!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

here we go again

As a intro for illu-shit-nist, i'm fahmie.
contribute 2 hamizan@bijan we manage to hav our own blog.HAHA.

5.22 a.m.
like always we can't sleep at diz time.
seem 2 be fucking late.
we don't even care!! HAHA
somehow i honestly hate diz blogging thing coz of someone.
SHE doesn't text me or call me but she still hav time for blogging. WTF???!?
but thx 2 my allies i'm still standing.manage to survive.

i HATE her but in a same time i LOVE her (????!!??) HAHA

Acap and Bijan nyanyi lagu ULIK MAYANG...
pagi2 bute...
arap bulan pose jep...
kalau xmampos nk nyanyi...

time 2 go...
pray for my success in my presentation at 9..


Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Hello ppl.My name is Hamizan.
This is our first time blogging.HAHA.
This is a group blog cuz we guys feel that having an own blog is soo gay.HAHA.
Its almost 6 in the morning.n i just cant seem to shut my fuckin eyes.
Hazwan and I decided to not puasa today atas sebab2 tertentu. ;)

Today is just another ordinary day for us.
Went to class,puasa, oh yeah kami main skateboard.Geoff,myself,and Acap.
Acap makes his stupid jokes again today.
I dont know what's gotten in to him.He's total shit when it comes to making jokes.HAHA
Then,went to Bel class,got scolded,bla bla bla,who gives a shit.Pergi makan,and then went to bed.
Woke up at 3 something start writing this stupid blog for the fun of it.
Its not fun actually,im just so bored.HAHA.
Tomorrow got no classes.Actually,ill be skipping one class tomorrow.So yeah,no class.HAHA.

Oh,n Fahmi's getting fatter as we speak.
Im outta ere.POOF!